Fly Ash

Name of the product FLY ASH (CLASS F)
Sales method Bulk, 1.5 tons Big Bag
Loading Port Selby Port

Fly ash is a product released as a result of the combustion of pulverized coal in coal-fired thermal power plants. The ashes that will come out of the chimney are captured by electrostatic or electromechanical methods and channeled to ash collector silos. Ash additive in concrete is widely used to improve the strength of concrete, the workability of fresh concrete, and to reduce the water requirement, shrinkage and permeability of the finished product.

Fly ashes show pozzolanic properties because they have a siliceous and aluminous amorphous structure and are obtained as very fine grained. When the hydration product of cement combines with calcium hydroxide in an aqueous medium, it has hydraulic binding. Therefore, it is directly used both in the production of portland-pozzolan type cement and as a concrete additive. Generally, it can be used in very large quantity as a concrete additive. The amount of fly ash in the concrete mixture varies around 15-50% of the cement weight. The use of fly ash in cement production provides benefits such as:

• Less clinker use,

• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,

• Reduction in energy consumption,

• Less pollution of nature thanks to the use of waste.

Usage Areas Cement and concrete industry

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